Fragrance is our passion, our obsession, our reason for being. We think, breathe, live and feel perfumes all day, every day, striving to create evocative and beautiful combinations for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

We work with some of the world’s most esteemed noses and perfume visionaries, who lovingly pour their skill and passion into every fragrance for Grace Cole. 

When we come up with a concept for a new aromatic combination, we immerse ourselves in that moment and embark on an inspiring journey to accomplish that dream scent. We play with light and dark, soft and sharp, fresh and cosy… always contrasting flavours to complement each other rather than clash. A squeeze of tart citrus could be the delicious spike needed through a creamy, gourmand base. Or a blast of just-varnished wood may be the perfect foil to a sugar-pink pillow of sweet blossoms. It can take months to perfect, to blend, to balance and to tweak. And we love every second of it.

The end result will take your breath away. Like a collection of seminal books in your library, there’s one for every mood and moment of luxurious reflection. One may whisk you to a faraway utopian land; one might boost your confidence and wrap you in glimmering pizzazz; one might ease the knots in your mind and be the balm to soothe a difficult day.

Our collection offers something for everyone, whether you love a splashy, bracing citrus cologne or a sumptuous, opulent spice-bomb. Come and discover our stunning selection and give in to some of the most exquisite fragrances your senses have ever experienced.